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IMPORTANT DOCUMENTARY-The truth behind the largest criminal conspiracy in American History.

IMPORTANT DOCUMENTARY-The truth behind the largest criminal conspiracy in American History.

American families were ruined and Wall Street walked away a winner. Why?

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The truth behind the largest criminal conspiracy in American History.
"That financial meltdown just over a decade ago continues to resonate in U.S. politics for the billions of dollars in government bailouts that were handed out to companies deemed 'too big to fail..." (via The Hollywood Reporter) 💸

It’s the most comprehensive investigation into the 2008 financial crisis. Who did it. Why it happened. And how #TheCon is the reason everything continues to be so $crewed up. Join the Aug. 5 global live premiere + Q&A:
(Not So) Fun Fact: The U.S. has the highest prison population in the world, and the lowest conviction rate of white collar criminals. See why this should not be the case. Be part of the #TheCon global live premiere + Q&A on Aug. 5:
What's happening before our eyes is what happens when corruption takes power and institutions fail. It's history and always will be when integrity and character forged in courage have to play catch up to deception and complicity.
There's a reason the United States exists.
There will also be a reason for its demise if you continue to stay in the dark. #TheCon

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This was an awesome premiere so much more to come, the producer lost his home so he understands what many of us has gone through. it is really powerful so if you missed it they will be airing it through other means. I think it should be required viewing for all judges

Yes I agree and this documentary series is going to blow the lid of it. I have been in touch with the producers and was interviewed for it. It became much bigger than they even thought. The more people see it the better, they could not get a bank to lend the money for it to go mainstream GO FIGURE, banks don't want this out hence airing it this way first. Send it to all your friends we must make a huge noise to get this out there. 

It was a CON from the get go. When lenders were selling ARM's to buyers, when big companies got the bailout money instead of the actual people that needed it, the home owners. The predatory lending back in 2008 where companies would take comps from higher valued neighborhoods and convince buyers in the lower valued areas that the value of the property they were buying was worth much more than it really was and taking that extra money into their pockets.